What now? Jeepless for the first time

Made a large change in my stable of rigs and sold the Grand Cherokee, after 6 years of ownership, it was just time. The Grand has been a great rig, checked a lot of boxes, but it was just getting a little long in the tooth and short in the cargo area. I plan to go into more detail about these ZJ (93-98) Grand Cherokees in another post.

The main reason for this was trying to maintain focus on my two other rigs that better suit my family, my 06 F350 crew cab and my beloved 79 Bronco. The decision to sell the jeep was hard, but the Jeep was starting to get a bit small. When loading it for a trip to the mountains with my 2 sons and the dog, we would be way over loaded, sure, I could have left a few things behind lol. The 79 Bronco project has been a passion project for over 8 years and now, and this year, I want to focus on finally finishing it. So stay tuned, please subscribe, and follow my family on what will be one of the most unique 78-79 Bronco builds.


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