Let’s get Jiggy, kind of

Don’t worry, no dancing here, just dreams of overland projects. Now let’s discuss Bronco campers for a moment, or the lack there of.

Years ago, Four Wheel Campers made slide in campers for Broncos, Blazers, Scouts etc. However, they are mostly long gone, or very and I mean very expensive. After giving up the dream of finding one, I hit the drawing board, literally. After a lot of sketching, detailing what I want for features and touring other campers, I think I’ve come to a conclusion. Now here is where the Jig comes in, I acquired another 78-79 bronco tub to build the camper on so I do have to keep mocking it up on my main bronco.

It’s quite a sad one, but it’s loaded with tons of parts Ineed plus
We started stripping it right away

The plan here, is to get it down to the basic tub, no nose, no front end, no interior. The tub will be bolted on a cart just a foot off the ground to keep it at a easy height to work on. It will be attached to a cart that I can pull it out of my shop and put it in the barn when I’m not working on it.

So back to the camper. This will be a bolt on, much like the top. It will have a solid back door wall that will sit just inside the tail gate. I have an extra tail gate that will be gutted and modified with a cool top and sink basin. The frame will be welded square tube aluminum and the skin will be aluminum sheet. It will be insulated and skinned inside as well.

Simple side sketch with awning, roof down.
Crude rear 3/4 view.

So stay tuned, as the bronco gets closer I hope to be cutting and welding aluminum by early summer. Please follow, comment and share.


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