Hitting the pipe……..with a hammer.

Tonight after work, I continued with the long drawn out exhaust fitment. Finally, I was able to get the Y pipe on, but more massaging is needed. I want this to be perfect, or as near as I can get it, but at this time, the clearances are just not as good as they need to be. But now that the headers are connected to the Y pipe, it’s easier to see the effects of minor adjustments.

To make adjustments, I simply cut a sliver or pie shape into the pipe, pull the gap together and weld it. With out a pipe bender and not wanting to use a bunch of pieces, this way works best. The down side, is coming home after a 12hr work day to then get on and off the creeper at least a dozen times, but hey, I count it as exercise.

I promise, that after this weekend, nobody will have to hear about this darn header to Y pipe project, I thing we are all exhausted, haha, see what I did there. So next week, it will be back to finishing the under hood sorting. Such as mounting and plumbing the compressor and tank, Donaldson air cleaner and dual batteries. So once again, I ask you to stay tuned and watch me build this thing with my family.

The pipes are getting closer to being together.
Too low, but not for long, a twist is coming!

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