Thought from the cab #2

Every day, and I mean every day, since 2008, I listen to podcasts. They keep me going every day, they’re always there, very entertaining and sometimes I even learn something.

As far as Overlanding podcasts go, I’ve only found a few consistent ones. They are The Overland Podcast, All Things Overland Podcast and Highpoint Overland Podcast. I was once a guest on the Overland Roundtable podcast, but like the Lifestyle Overland Podcast, they have seemed to fallen off.

So, I think there is room in the space for me to start another. I plan to focus more on building, planning, tools etc. I hope to interview fellow vehicle builders and highlight the home brew rigs. There will be tool and product reviews plus tips and tricks. This will be at least once a week and go year round. Some will be recorded in my shop office and others may be of less quality from my truck or tractor cab.

So once again, I ask to please follow along and even message me if your interested in getting involved. Stay safe everyone!


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