Working out at the “Y” pipe

It’s been a little crazy around here lately and the Bronco has had to sit idle since my last post. Between farm life kicking in to overdrive and having a kid about to graduate high school, my time has been spread. However, I did manage to devote a whole evening and finished the Y pipe that connects the headers to the muffler.

Tacked and tested

After a 12 hour work day, I decided I wasn’t coming out of the shop until this was done. I kept a tally of times on and off the creeper fitting, tacking, modifying, and that was 32. Needless to say I was wore out. But when you do a custom build, these are the kind of things you have to go through.

Now, this weekend, I can finally install the exhaust, set the timing and tune the carb. Not to worry, the glass pack is temporary. I’m still trying to decide what I want to use, so that is why I’m using the ball and sockets. I have modified the headers to ball and sockets, then, the Y pipe will connect to the muffler with a ball and socket, and finally, the tail pipe with install the same way. Ah yes, the tail pipe. It will be much easier to build, and for the most part, it will mostly consist of premade parts.

Also on the docket for the Bronco this weekend is spraying the floor pan with Duplicolor bed liner and putting the seats back in. Vehicles suck to move with no seats, especially manual transmission ones.

So have a great weekend everyone and I will keep you posted on the progress.

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