Outside, finally

Finally, and I mean finally, drove the Bronco out of the shop and took if for a cruise. We managed to get the timing closer, Y pipe and muffler on and worked on getting the carb adjusted better. Out of all of it, the carb is still making me mad.

This Quick Fuel carb is a nice piece, but you get what you pay for, its cheaper for a reason. Out of the box, you have to fiddle with all of its linkage to make sure they don’t bind against each other, even new, they will. Then, once its installed and running, its a bit of a bear to get the float set, but at least it has its own sight glass, of course, the Clifford intake has the carb sideways so the sights are on the fire wall side and harder to see. The more it runs, the better it runs, I’ll just have to keep playing with it as I have time.

Cleaning the canvas for my art lol
Spraying off some of the test colors

Once we had it running, we moved on to getting the floor prepped for bed liner. It appears that the old oil pressure gauge was leaking for a long time by the grime that was under the pedals. So we decided it was just time to steam clean the inside as well as the out side. Along with the Bronco, I opted to also steam clean the seats, yes, the seats. The seats are from the donor Bronco and they were covered in pack rat poop and pee. Until they get rebuilt and recovered, we just steam cleaned them and put a blanket on them for now.

Porter the dog says these stink

Now that the crud and grime is gone, we will bed liner the floor with week with Duplicolor. Once that is done, we can put the transmission cover on, shift boots and bolt the seats in. Of course later this will be getting a reproduction floor mat, but for now I just want to get this on the trail for a bit.

Feels good to be checking things off the list, but its one heck of a list. After this weekend, I discovered that if it just sits in the shop until its all complete, I will be too old and the kids will have grown up and gone. So, I’m pushing my self to have some major items checked off so I can take the kids camping in the Colville National Forest on Fathers day weekend, once we get into early July, we will be harvesting. There is a great trail that we have been on a few times and know what to expect with plenty of tent or hammock camping areas. Some times you just need a reality check and realize you have build as you go because adventure never sleeps.


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