We’re preppers, paint preppers

I decided its time to get the floor pan sealed up, so my youngest son Levi and I got to work. Someday, this Bronco will be getting a new insulated floormat from LMC truck, but that just isn’t in the Bronco’s budget at the moment. So to get it covered and sealed for now, we opted for a Duplicolor bed liner kit.

Like any job, the better you prep, the better the finished results. Last weekend we steam cleaned the inside, so tonight we vacuumed, scotch brite padded, vacuumed again, then wiped it down with Duplicolor Grease and Wax remover.

Pro tip from a non pro, use foam ear plugs in the bolt holes to keep them from getting gummed up by the bed liner.

This is the kit I purchased from my local NAPA, but they are available just about anywhere. Not pictured, I also have aerosol spray cans as well. I will use the brush and roller around the pedals, edges and hard to reach areas. I will use the spray cans for the bulk of the project. Of course, I didn’t buy enough cans, about one or two short. Once its done tomorrow night I will post a after I get it finished.

Looking good so far. I’m very lucky to have a Bronco with zero rust, and I mean zero, so hopefully, this liner with keep it sealed for now. Follow along and keep sharing this Bronco’s progress.


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