Tryin’ to give this thing the boots

Tonight finds me in the shop enjoying the do it yourself bed liner in the Bronco. Is it perfect, no, is it better than it was, yes, much better. This finish will be great until I get the floor mat in someday. But now, I can get the shift boots, seat belts, seat brackets and seats put back in.

The Duplicolor Bed Liner came out pretty good. It really improved the look and durability of the floor. Now the time consuming task of putting the covers, boots, seats, seat belts and trim back in.

The seats I’ve chosen to use are from the donor Bronco and they still have a bit of an odor, especially the back seat. Keep in mind, this donor rig has sat for a untold amount of years and became home to many critters. These donor seats will work great until I find a good upholstery shop to rebuild the stock seats that are in very bad shape. However, these do have a bit of an odor.

Levi says this mouse nest stinks, I’m outta hear!

Once I removed the bottom carboard cover, the smell was found. With this removed, the smell started to go away.

While trying to put the boots back on, I discovered the clutch rod that goes through the floor was off set to one side, tight against the body. Then I recalled the hurried pace of trying to fit parts in here and realized the rod was installed backwards, not to mention the lack of bushings in the bell crank. So its settled, for my wild Friday night, I get rebuild the clutch linkage, good thing I already received all the required parts from LMC truck to make this pedal action smooth as glass. Stay tuned…….


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