Last time hitting the pipe, I swear.

Saved time and money with prebent pieces.

Finally, after way to long, the exhaust is done. From the headers to the tail pipe, done, for now. I finally broke down and ended up buying 90 and 45 degree pipes and just building my own tail pipe. While yes, I’m quite happy how it came out, its a bit too loud, according to the neighbors, in the next town lol. But later on, I will continue to search for a better muffler. When I built this system, I used ball and sockets on the muffler so it will be easy to change in the future.

Once the exhaust was done, I turned to a temporary color change, gray primer. My family owns a Dustless Blaster System that I will use to strip this Bronco of its 41 years of horrible finish decisions. But for now, I’m tired of this looking like a calico cat. Hopefully after wheat harvest is over we can get it stripped and painted.

Now it begins, we will start prepping this for a overnight trip to the Moses Lake Wa sand dunes to camp on the sand, do little kayaking, little fishing, and a little deciding of what to cross off the list next on this Bronco. Stay tuned, subscribe, follow, comment and share.


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