Thoughts from the cab #3.

Here we go. It was just made public that the Panhandle Overland Rally in Sandpoint Idaho is a go, I repeat, a go. The date is October 1-3rd. Of course, I bought my tickets right away since I believe they are capped at 500.

The most exciting thing about this is that now I have a hard goal to get the Bronco done, maybe not painted, but close to done. I think people, especially car/truck builders need a deadline to to keep them from straying into the weeds. Yes, I’m one of those people.

Between pea, wheat, canola harvest and then seeding, I need to get back in gear and crossing items off the Broncos very large to do list.

Once again, I ask you stay tuned, hit subscribe and follow along as I finally get this Bronco transformed into a real adventuring Bronco.


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