Time for some catch up

Wow, I cant believe its been a month since I’ve posted, but this is my busiest time at work. July is the time we harvest our wheat, peas and canola. Once I’m done with my normal farm duties, I then harvest wheat with my life long best friend on his farm. As of now, we are done, July isn’t even over and I have almost 300 hours in. But that’s not why we’re here, lets talk the Overland Bronco Project!

In the last month, not much has happened with the Bronco other than a few back road shake downs. We put our 60gal water tank in it and made a few trips to the water troughs that the deer and coyotes use, we have not had 2″ of rain all year and they were dry. These little trips after work has created a bit of a list of things to sort out.

My son Brody manning the hose

Now that life is back to normal, we need to kick it into high gear and start crossing stuff off the list. Harvest has allowed me to do some online shopping while sitting in the tractors and trucks and order more needed items, and there is quite a stack. With all the parts at the ready, I plan on getting back to my plan of at least a hour a evening getting this thing done.

With the Panhandle Overland Rally around the corner, I really have my work cut out for me. All that time away working harvest, makes me excited to get back in the shop this week and get back to work. Stay tuned! Big news to follow, subscribers find out first.


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