On a roll and hitting the brakes

Its been a bit since I’ve posted, its that time of year for seeding on the farm and it seems to be longer days than harvest. However, I’ve managed to cross a few items off the Bronco’s list.

With the Panhandle Overland Rally just a couple weeks away, I still have to finish a ton of items. By tomorrow night, I should have it sitting on its new Dana 60 rear and on its new BF Goodrich Mud Terrains. It would have been tonight, but one of the brake calipers for the disc swap was boxed wrong, so its back to the parts store in the morning.

Ballistic Fab Disc brake bracket

The disc swap was a bit of a hunt. The caliper brackets came from Ballistic Fab. They were a great price and great quality. However, the list of part numbers for the calipers, pads and rotors were out dated and left more questions. But a few trips to the parts store and we were on a roll…….until I noticed we have two right calipers, oh well.

Hopefully, if all goes well, tomorrow I will have a picture of my primer Bronco on green wheels, finally. You can also check out https://youtu.be/L2EwlBzJQWU YouTube for a nice little clip of the Bronco on a test drive. Stay tuned!


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