Testing, Testing, We’re on the road

Since wheat harvest has ended, I have not had any time to slow down. This year we were able to jump right into seeding, which has taken more time than the harvest. But with all the long hours, I still managed to knock out a lot of work on the Bronco and even got it to the Panhandle Overland Rally in Sandpoint, Idaho. More on the rally coming soon.

What a mess

I stuck to my goal, mostly, of devoting at least one hour each evening to working on the Bronco. This has helped me to cross a lot off the list. However, many of the items will be delayed.

I had a plan to complete the major items such as: exhaust, rear axle build/swap, front axle swap, big brakes, tailgate etc, and leave the smaller jobs for a later date. As long as the big ticket items are completed, I can work on the little stuff without the Bronco being disabled for weeks and tying up much needed shop space.

Now back to the road tests. After many years, my dream Bronco is finally coming together. The 300 6cylinder swap is working out great, the rear axle swap with disc brakes are awesome, and the F250 brakes swapped up front are excellent. Then there are the gears, they went from 3.50 to 4.10 ratio with the 4 speed bringing it all together. The 33″ tires and vintage hub caps look and feel like they were always meant to be there. It was the vintage period correct Warn winch bumper with 8274 winch that put the icing on the cake.

Please stay tuned for even more work to be completed and finally some adventure content. As always, please subscribe and follow along.

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