The One Day Bronco Build

Building the Bronco over the last few years has created another problem, extra parts. Well, might not be a problem to some, but we do have enough extra 78-79 Bronco parts around here to build another whole Bronco. My friend Jesse (@outlawfordman on instagram) and I set aside a Saturday to prove it.

Donor Bronco number 1

Remember this fine Bronco. It came to me so I could use the top and seats for my Bronco. Somebody had already claimed the engine, trans, transfer case and front axle. However, its mostly rust free tub still had a lot of life to give.

Then there was this fine unit. I had spotted it over a year ago and it took a while to get ahold of the owner, but after playing the long game, it became mine. I knew there had to be some good parts on it, but it turned out, almost everything I needed was either broken or gone from this one and I only ended up using the tire carrier. The crazy part was how compete the Bronco’s powertrain was overall. All of its engine and drivetrain was intact and came with a super-duper skid plate that was attached with baling wire. Its body was the bad part, almost no usable panels on the whole truck.

Now this is where the fun starts. My friend Jesse wanted his own 79 Bronco and he isn’t afraid of a little work, or in this case, a lot of work. Over one Saturday, I helped Jesse construct a buildable Bronco out of the two.

Jesse and his exhausted happy pose

Just like that, two become one. Jesse managed to assemble this fine unit, not in my well equipped shop, but outside, in the gravel, no torches, no air tools, all hand tools and only a farm tractor to do the lifting. The best part was that he only broke one bolt between the two Bronco’s. Stay tuned to watch Jesse get this Bronco sorted out bit by bit and see what special thing he has in store for it.


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