Collections or Hoarding

Do you have any collections?

Collections, we all have at least one. Might be baseball cards, Beanie Babies or like me, lanterns.

Collections come in many forms, sizes, counts and values. There are many shows on tv showcasing people’s collections. Many people collect an item that satisfies a child hood toy they have fond memories of or may have never had and always wanted.

Be careful, there’s a fine line between a collection and a hoard that is controlling your life. For example, I have a vintage Ford Bronco and I thought it would be cool to have a set of vintage Coleman camping gear of the same year to compliment the vehicle. The Bronco is a 79, so I went on the hunt for 1979 Coleman lantern, stove, heater and cooler. However, that has sparked a new collection. I now have over 30 lanterns, 6 stoves, many other small Coleman items and none from 1979. So is it a hoard or collection. I’ve since made a display area in my shop to show off this poor decision haha.

Some people collect cars, our beloved Jay Leno has the latest collection in the USA. His collection has perfectly curated, displayed with themes and likely the best examples of some of the worlds rarest automobiles and motorcycles.

Collections come in many forms and can be a great hobby, just don’t let it become an addiction or get out of hand. I realized my lanterns were getting out of hand when I would change a route or commute just to check a yard sale to find another goodie. Doesn’t mean I need a 12 step program exactly, my loving wife may disagree of course, but I enjoy it anyway.

As long as your having fun, no body’s getting hurt, your not going broke and your collection of finger nail clippers makes you happy, then keep it up.


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