My Most Dear Belongings, hmmm

What personal belongings do you hold most dear? Wow, what an interesting question. I have thought about this question all day since I read it this morning. I am a man of many things, many belongings, lots of items that I consider dear. I think we must first ask what makes a item or belongingContinue reading “My Most Dear Belongings, hmmm”

Collections or Hoarding

Do you have any collections? Collections, we all have at least one. Might be baseball cards, Beanie Babies or like me, lanterns. Collections come in many forms, sizes, counts and values. There are many shows on tv showcasing people‚Äôs collections. Many people collect an item that satisfies a child hood toy they have fond memoriesContinue reading “Collections or Hoarding”

Bronc Haus is Going Flintstone Mode

Time to cut and cutting I will do. Since there are no plans for this and the only blueprints are in my head, I’m just going to cut until it looks good. Bronco floor pans are not smooth or flat. They have seat bases, pedal areas and transmission tunnel. My plan is to cut allContinue reading “Bronc Haus is Going Flintstone Mode”

Time To Start Another one, Kinda

With the grey 1979 Bronco going so well, I figured it was time to fulfill a long time dream of mine to build a matching camper for my 79’s adventures. Hold on to your seats, this is going to get interesting. I’ve always been a fan of teardrop style camp trailers. Years ago, my wifeContinue reading “Time To Start Another one, Kinda”

I have the need, the need for correct speed

With any older vehicle, the gauges tend to become less reliable or even work at all. My Bronco is no exception. With engine and drivetrain swaps, the accuracy becomes much worse. My stock cluster has only one working gauge and that one isn’t even correct all the time. I prefer mechanical gauges over the stockContinue reading “I have the need, the need for correct speed”

Givin this bungee the jump

Let’s be honest, we’ve all used a bungee cord or two for a “temporary” fix that likely becomes permanent later. They have so many uses, they fit nicely in the repair kit alongside zip ties and duct tape. As for a battery hold down, for safety, they should be very temporary. Batteries are not onlyContinue reading “Givin this bungee the jump”

The One Day Bronco Build

Building the Bronco over the last few years has created another problem, extra parts. Well, might not be a problem to some, but we do have enough extra 78-79 Bronco parts around here to build another whole Bronco. My friend Jesse (@outlawfordman on instagram) and I set aside a Saturday to prove it. Remember thisContinue reading “The One Day Bronco Build”

Back Under the Knife, Again

The 79 Bronco has been putting up a fight. While trying to get the interior modifications going, I cannot let this 300 straight 6’s running issues go unnoticed. Now the big fix begins…………………………. When you see this, it means one thing, I’m pulling the engine. As a mechanic by profession, it saddens me to giveContinue reading “Back Under the Knife, Again”