Thoughts from the cab #1

My day to day job on the farm has me sitting in trucks, tractors or in the shop. This time allows me to sneak in a little reading or most often enjoying podcasts. Podcasts can be a great inspiration. I really enjoy overland podcasts where overlanders are interviewed. With a family and a full timeContinue reading “Thoughts from the cab #1”

Under Hood Sorting

Before I can plan the camper top, offroad gear or even body colors, I need to finish the under hood sorting. Not just a tune up, but finishing all plumbing, wiring and accessories for the final time. This 79 Bronco, originally came with a garbage 400 Ford V8, and those engines sucked. Most sane ownersContinue reading “Under Hood Sorting”

Busy Busy Busy

Its been a much busier winter than expected. A lot has changed since last August, a career change along with a move to our new farmhouse in the country. Luckily, my family of 5 has managed to stay healthy throughout the winter and COVID 19 has not snuck its way to us. But back toContinue reading “Busy Busy Busy”

The Bronco Lives!

The bronco lives, finally. The engine runs better than expected. This weekend plan on getting the column shit steering column switched out for the refurbished manual trans unit. Disc brake brackets from #ballisticfab showed up for the rear Dana 60 swap, hope to have he axle housing prepped and new brakes on by next weekend.Continue reading “The Bronco Lives!”

What now? Jeepless for the first time

Made a large change in my stable of rigs and sold the Grand Cherokee, after 6 years of ownership, it was just time. The Grand has been a great rig, checked a lot of boxes, but it was just getting a little long in the tooth and short in the cargo area. I plan toContinue reading “What now? Jeepless for the first time”