Busy Busy Busy

Its been a much busier winter than expected. A lot has changed since last August, a career change along with a move to our new farmhouse in the country.

Luckily, my family of 5 has managed to stay healthy throughout the winter and COVID 19 has not snuck its way to us. But back to the new house, I know your wondering and yes, it has a shop. We spent the winter sorting the Bronco out a bit more and organizing the parts and tools. Now its in the shop and the kids and I are working through the systems and checking stuff off the list. Now that I have the space along with some more time, I’ve done a decent job of devoting at minimum, one hour per day in the shop. This bronco needs to be done this year!

Always a great idea to make a list

Along with the Bronco being in the shop, I’m still working on the camper plans for it. I was able to acquire a extra tub that I can use to mock up the camper body so I can go ahead and get my top mounted and leave it sealed and still work on the camper when time permits.

Along with everything else going on, I plan to learn how to step up my blog/vlog/podcast game and document this build. As this moves forward, not only will there be the Overland Bronco Project content, but also reviews of tools and overland adventure items as well as but a daily “Thoughts from the tractor” section that could really be on just about anything. So please, be patient, I’m learning, I’ll get there, hit subscribe and follow along with us.


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