Bronc Haus is Going Flintstone Mode

Sometimes you just have to start cutting

Time to cut and cutting I will do. Since there are no plans for this and the only blueprints are in my head, I’m just going to cut until it looks good. Bronco floor pans are not smooth or flat. They have seat bases, pedal areas and transmission tunnel. My plan is to cut all this out so I can add in another structure that is flat with storage underneath. Under the floor between the frame rails will be the freshwater tank and above that will be storage that will be accessed from the front doors. On top of that will be the bed platform. The floor structure will be made from 1″ x1/8″ square tubing, 1″x1″ angle iron and covered with 10gauge sheet aluminum. The firewall will be cut out, framed, insulated and covered with 18gauge steel, just wait for how I finish the whole nose of the cab, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. The partition between the sleeping area and the kitchen area will be made from the same materials as the floor. For those who have asked, I can fit a queen sized bed, but will be using a trifold 8″ memory foam full size mattress. I will be going with the full size so you can enter the cabin area and have space next to the bed for shoes. Now, lets get cutting, cue the music.

Strip it and rip it!

What a mess, but until you remove all the extra parts and trash, it’s hard to see what you’re working with.

When you just start cutting, be careful not to cut too much and weaken the structure. As I cut the firewall and floor pan I started to tack weld in some extra support.

This picture shows how unsquare these old tubs can be. This square tube is flush on the other side, not here. With a little patience and a floor jack, you can start to flex the tub back into shape. If you’re a perfectionist, you’ll likely have a hard time, just get it as true as you can and get back to building.

The cutting and trimming is extensive. Once everything is cut out, then you have to start grinding off the paint, body filler and rust, grab a Sharpie, level, tape measure and a square and begin the layout.

This bar represents about where the new floor will be.

With the Bronco at this point, I can start sketching out the floor plan and order up the rest of the steel needed for now. Once the floor has the new framework welded in, I’ll be able to start the hitch portion of the project. The first part of the hitch portion is cutting off the frame and eliminating a crossmember. Until the new crossmember and hitch is in place the whole structure will be quite weak.

Stay tuned for more updates as work is cruising along nicely. And as always, subscribe and follow along.


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