Cool Tool Reviews

Time to share some of my favorite new tools. Tools have been my drug of choice since I got my first revolving credit account on a Snap-On truck at 14, yes, 14. Much like drugs, this history might be why I’m not a rich man today. Anyway, here I will share some new or just favorite tools that I use in the shop.

First addition to the list, the NAPA Carlisle Interior Car Creeper. I like to do alot of wiring and interior work and laying on my back or side, trying to get under the dash is just the worst. This cool creeper fixes that. It falls in to the “why didn’t I think of that” column. Out of the box, works great. But I can see that I will be having to make a taller leg for working under dashes of lifted vehicles. But for my Bronco, works fine. Check it out, it is in the NAPA tool flyer often, well worth the $120.


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