Time to relax with a different Ford

A customers Ford GPW that works best for a foot rest.

My shop life has been centered around the 79 Bronco project for some time. This as put me behind on some other projects, such as getting this little Ford GPW running for a friend. Not sure how long its been sitting, but I’m pretty sure its been off the road longer than I’ve been alive. Now for the sad part, I’ve been putting off this weekend project for over a year. Here is my solution, the Bronco is not allowed to enter the shop until this little guy drives out.

This was a pretty cool Ford GPW that must have had a wild story. I’ve been around a lot of Jeeps over the years but this one has a few little things that make special. While I’m not 100%, I think this was a radio car. It is covered in ground straps and they are everywhere. The hood alone has 2, the windshield has 2 and every single body part and major component is connected. The charging system regulator is the size of a loaf of bread.

I’ve had a knack of getting these little guys running and this one will be no exception, its almost there. I have a recipe of parts for getting them to run. As long as the engine is complete, turns over, has no holes in the block, I can make it run.

Check out the cool over engineered generator bracket.

By the end of the weekend, I hope to post a little video of this sweetheart running and I will share my list of required parts to get any Willy’s L or F head running.


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