The Broncos on the hunt

Overlanding is one my many passions, but another one is hunting. I enjoy getting out in the fall with my sons and do our best to fill our freezer for upcoming winter.

One of the tasks for this Bronco build was to serve as a base camp for our fall hunts. This means outfitting with storage to hold our packs, guns and other hunting items while staying roomy and comfortable for hours and hours of glassing for animals. We cannot forget the need to crawl around off road, loaded with gear and still having enough room for our harvest.

In the past, we hunted with our beloved 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee. While at the time, it seemed great, but looking back it was underpowered, over loaded and very cramped on space. The move to finish this Bronco was a wise one.

Needless to say, the Bronco is making me very happy even though we are still working out some carb bugs. This years deer season has left me with a small punch list of items to change, such as switching out the bench seat for a set of buckets, with a console. There just isn’t enough front storage or cupholders.

Me and my 3×3

After all the hard work and all the hours, I’m happy to report I had a successful harvest and was able to fill the freezer. The Bronco was great and I look forward to many more hunts.


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