Time for a little reset

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been a good boy and worked almost every evening on the Bronco, and its time for a bit of a reset. Sometimes when you’ve been working on the same thing in the same spot for a while, it may seem like your working in a dirty bowl with all the tools, parts and dirt settling in around you. That’s when you need a reset.

Take some time and find the bench top and floor again. Time to dispose of wrappers, boxes, cans, broken and left over parts. Get all tools rounded up, cleaned and put in their proper places. If the project rolls or hopefully runs, pull it outside and clean the floor up. You will likely notice a project size dirt stain with creeper wheel tracks all over it, perfect time to clean. Look over your consumables, (not just the aluminum can kind), such as break cleaner, zipties etc and make a list and restock.

Working in a clean work space is not only safer, but it can also boost morale, just like when you find your missing 10mm socket. So tomorrow, I will take a reset day. Ill push the Bronco out, put all the tools away, clean the floor and bench. I will update the todo list for the bronco, take a inventory of parts and what I’m still missing and start fresh. So have a good weekend, be safe and clean your damn shop!

Has your project been in too long lol.

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